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Ascription of responsibility as a personality variable
Suedfeld, Peter; Hakstian, A. Ralph; Rank, Darylynn S.; Ballard, Elizabeth J.. Journal of Applied Social Psychology 15.3 (1985): 285-311.

Responsibility Researches from the Psychological Perspective
Tan, Xiaohong; Qin, Qiwen. Psychological Science (China) 28.4 (Jul 2005): 991-994.

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I absolutely need for this articles:

1. "Physical disability and problem in marriage". Stephen L. Fink; James K. Skipper; JR and Phyllis Hallenbeck. In Journal of Marriage and Family, Vol.30 (1) pg. 64-73.

2. "Dating issues for women with physical disabilities". Diana H. Rintala; Carol A. Howland; Margaret A. Nosek et al. In Sexuality and disability 1997, Vol. 15 (4) 219-242.

3. "Dating behaviours of women with physical disabilities". Carol A. Howland; Diana H. Rintala. In Sexuality and disability, 2001, Vol. 19 (1) 41-70.

4. "Relationships, sexuality and adjustment among people with physical disability". Taleporos, G., & McCabe, M. P. (2003), Vo.18 (1) pg. 25-43.

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